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All of our auditions are held at our Gaslight Theatre, 701 Chestnut St.

School House Rock Live, JR!


  • Tom— Tom is the idealistic young teacher, the hero of our story.
  • George— George is a marvelous character role. He is the romantic, caring, and in control part of Tom.
  • Dori— Dori is the silly, goofy side of Tom.
  • Shulie— Shulie is the ingenue. She is Tom’s sweet, genuine side.
  • Joe– – Joe is the cool side of Tome.  He’s laid back and fun loving.
  • Dina— Dina is Tom’s mature side.  She is thoughtful and grounded.


BGOS will provide song cuts from the production for actors to prepare and audition with.  Songs will be posted by December 1st.
BGOS will also provide audition sides that will be provided at the audition for actors to use.
Auditions will also consist of a brief dance audition, which will be led by our choreographer, Michelle Hale.
Auditions for ages 9-18.Performance dates are March 22nd at 9:30 am and March 23rd at 9:45 am and 6:30 pm.


Local Actors Mentored by Professional Instructors With Top Credentials in Acting and Music!

Elise Charny – Artistic and Education Director, MA, Theatre Education, Emerson, Boston, BA, Theatre, Marymount, NYC

Dylan Wright – Interim Director of Music, BA, Music, Western Kentucky University