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All of our auditions are held at our Gaslight Theatre, 701 Chestnut St.

School House Rock Live, JR!


  • Tom— Tom is the idealistic young teacher, the hero of our story.
  • George— George is a marvelous character role. He is the romantic, caring, and in control part of Tom.
  • Dori— Dori is the silly, goofy side of Tom.
  • Shulie— Shulie is the ingenue. She is Tom’s sweet, genuine side.
  • Joe– – Joe is the cool side of Tome.  He’s laid back and fun loving.
  • Dina— Dina is Tom’s mature side.  She is thoughtful and grounded.


Actors can choose to sing either one of the provided cuts or 60 seconds from a song of the musical theatre genre. Please provide a tract if you are singing your own song. NO ACAPELLA! ***Please choose what you feel comfortable singing. Note that there is no advantage if you choose a SHR song over your own choice.
BGOS will also provide audition sides that will be provided at the audition for actors to use.
Auditions will also consist of a brief dance audition, which will be led by our choreographer, Michelle Hale.
Auditions for ages 9-18.Performance dates are March 22nd at 9:30 am and noon and March 23rd at 9:45 am and 6:30 pm.

AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD JANUARY 5 at 6 pm  & 6 at 1 pm

Song cuts can be found here: SHR CUTS

Local Actors Mentored by Professional Instructors With Top Credentials in Acting and Music!

Elise Charny – Artistic and Education Director, MA, Theatre Education, Emerson, Boston, BA, Theatre, Marymount, NYC

Dylan Wright – Interim Director of Music, BA, Music, Western Kentucky University